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Angina Treatment1

In the survival of daily life, one thing that is important for everybody is being aware of fatal health issues. One such health condition is Angina.

What is angina?

The word angina usually relates to the tightening sensation, which for some is severe, felt in the body. Nevertheless, there are various subclasses of angina and it all depends on the area, which is experiencing this kind of cramping pain.

What is the mechanism behind angina pain?

This coronary artery disease is associated with pressure, discomfort and aching in the area around the heart. In some instances, it can also cause heaviness. More often than not, it is confused with reflux and can be caused by an increase in the flow of blood around the heart area. In addition to this, when suffering from this condition, the control and distribution of oxygen, as well as other essential nutrients, is limited and this slows down the healing process. In case you are undergoing from this condition things are not as severe as you think they are. This is attached to the fact that there are several natural cures for angina treatment that make it easy to speak about this situation.

Causes of Angina

It starts with the decrease of blood flow to the heart. When this happens, oxygen and vital nutrients do not reach the heart muscles. The heart then must use another type of fuel. It can continue to pump blood to the rest of the body. This use of another less efficient fuel leads to the production of lactic acid. Lactic acid builds up in the muscles and its accumulation cause pain. The same thing happens with muscles in the legs or arms when you work out too much. Lactic acid is also the cause of pain in the muscles of the arms and legs. There are drugs to counteract this tendency of the heart to use an inefficient fuel.

What are the symptoms of angina?

Angina symptoms are associated with this disorder are quite difficult to distinguish, as it could range from heartburn or another kind of normal chest pain to a heavy heart attack. However, there are some signs, which could be very much effective in apprehending the angina attack. Some people will have to face a big deal of pain although they never face heavy pain. In simple words, angina is burning or squeezing of the torso area, the heaviness of chest and choking sensation, torso tightening, etc. Usually, these reactions may last not more than five minutes.

Some of the symptoms of angina are difficult to distinguish from normal chest pain like heartburn but there are certain signs that tell you that are having an angina attack. Several people would describe angina differently. Most would say that it is not very painful but just a great discomfort. Words used to describe angina are:

  • choking sensation
  • the heaviness of the chest
  • tightening, squeezing, burning on the torso area

This feeling lasts from one to five minutes. If it is shorter or longer, most probably it is not Angina pectoris. ECG is the best way to determine the results.

Kinds of Angina

There are 2 types of angina:

  1. Stable Angina
  2. Unstable Angina

Stable angina refers to the demonstration of the symptoms after activities which exert once self like jogging or lifting a heavyweight. Unstable Angina happens without a stimulus. It can be sudden and also intensifying while you were at rest. This is due to the discharging of blood clots from the blood vessels.

Treatment option for Angina

There are a couple of things that you need to consider before choosing to use any natural angina treatment available in the market.

  • There are several natural remedies which are readily available in your home and which can come in handy in ensuring the condition is put under control. In this case, you have to assure you understand the advantages associated before settling down to use any of the cures. These might vary from onions, lemon, grapes, apples, and Indian gooseberry among others. In most cases, it is advisable to consult with someone who understands these aspects in order to get the most out of it.
  • In the beginning, an individual must ensure you get a proper diagnosis of the condition. Note that all heart complexities do not certainly mean the condition is serious. By talking to your doctor and going through various tests, it becomes easy for you to discover this end and hence, get the most suitable remedy.
  • The most significant portion of the angina treatment is risk factor control- return to a normal active life, weight control, regular exercise, and stop smoking often increase symptoms. High blood pressure and lowering cholesterol also help.

Bypass Surgery

Coronary artery surgery is directed at by-passing the obstacles in the coronary arteries by grafting branches of the internal mammary artery or using strips of patients own legs veins. Surgery is not advisable after trying all other forms of angina treatment. Leaving surgery as the last option is wise as lifestyle changes and treatment are far more powerful.

Drugs have to play a part in angina treatment either to relieve pain, to treat risk factors such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol and atherosclerosis or increase capacity of the workout.

Throughout the world, there are famous hospitals and surgeon who provide angina treatment. In India too there are well-known clinics. Also, we have the best Angina specialist doctor for angina treatment in Jaipur. Our doctors are specialist in guiding a patient who is suffering from all these above-mentioned symptoms. A doctor may advise the patient depending upon the seriousness of his or her condition.