What is Chest Pain

For most people hurting sensation in the Chest generally means heart pain because that is where the vital organs are located? Chest pain is usually defined as a feeling of pain or discomfort that you may feel at areas in the frontal part of the body between the upper abdomen and the neck. Pay attention to those signals, and call the chest pain doctor if you are unsure of what the symptoms mean. In fact, Feelings of pressure or pain on the chest area could signal a problem as simple as indigestion or as grave as even a heart attack. These symptoms cause a major threat to life and we at HHCC provide best chest pain treatment in Jaipur.

Diagnosis of chest pain becomes a challenge for medical professional sometimes to measure the severity of pain. Therefore, at one point in time, each of us has experience of pain in the chest. Sometimes, it can be a harsh thorax pain.

Causes of chest pain

As for chest pain whether or not a sharp pain is often feared as a heart attack. However, there still many other potential reasons for chest pains. When some causes are serious and life-threatening there are simply inconvenient causes as well. Any organ or tissue in the chest can well be the pain source. These may include muscles, ribs, tendons, lungs, heart, nerves and esophagus. Angina is one kind of chest pain related to the heart. This happens when the heart does not get enough of oxygen and blood. Causes of chest pain are:

  • Rapid breathing and anxiety
  • Asthma accompanied by a cough, wheezing and breathe shortness
  • Pain or strain of tendons and muscles between ribs
  • Chest pains are also related to the problems with the digestive system includes gallbladder disease, stomach ulcer, indigestion, gallstones, and heartburn.
  • Pneumonia


Chest Pain Symptoms

  • Pain radiates to the left arm, jaw and between the shoulder blades
  • Sudden squeezing, pressure, tightening and crushing in the chest
  • Vomiting or dizziness or both
  • A cough and fever that often produces yellow-green phlegm
  • Sharp chest pain occurring in the form of sweating, nausea, racing heart, breathe shortness, and dizziness

Following the risk of heart attack, the risk of chest pain often gets greater if your own family include a heart disease history. Smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes, overweight, and high blood pressure may also result in pain in the chest.

Other Chest Pains

  • A brief, sharp pain that lasts only a few seconds or a pain at the end of a deep breath is fairly common. Although they are unexplained, these pains are usually harmless. Ulcers and gallbladder problems may also cause spreading pains in the chest. Ulcer pains are worse if the stomach is empty. Gallbladder pains are usually worse after a meal high in fat and often occur in the upper right side of the body.

  • The muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and other tissues in the chest wall can become quite painful from strains caused by exercise, by a fall, or even from coughing. Called chest wall pain, this type of chest pain usually feels worse when you press on the sore area. Indigestion or heartburn, which often occurs after eating a heavy meal or spicy meal, can cause chest pains that seem similar to those of a heart attack.

  • Sudden chest pains that last half an hour or less in people under 35 years of age are often panic disorder. Pain disorder can include chest pain symptoms such as heart palpitations; a fast strong or uneven heartbeat; and shortness of breath. Other symptoms of panic disorder are anxiety and fear of suffocation or dying.

 Chest pain in left side

Chest pain in left side can really cause an alarm, especially for adults. The first thing that pops into our mind the moment we feel chest pain is a heart attack, right? Truth is, this concern does not have limits to any gender or any age. There are plenty of documented cases for men women, children and adults. If you are feeling chest pain, it may not always be because of a heart attack.

Pain in the left side of the chest is not always heart attack. Besides, if it is a heart attack, you probably would not have an opportunity to even do evaluation and analysis of your condition because of the myriad of symptoms that will beat you all at the very time. Your hands and feet would be rendered almost fixed and the pain would not only be defined within the chest area. However, it is never wrong to be sure so if you are feeling chest pain on the left side, better consult a doctor.

Chest pain in the right side- Factors to know

There are various factors that lead to chest pain on the right side of the chest. This symptom covers a broad arena of health concerns, from simple ones that should cause no worry to more complex problems which need immediate medical attention. So, if you are experiencing chest pain on the right side, do not be too distressed right away.

There are many places around the world where chest pain treatment is done. In India, there are professional clinics that have qualified doctors who are heart or chest specialists. Where we are the one who provides you get best chest pain treatment in Jaipur.

According to a survey done the well-known doctors and specialist all over the world have started a few treatments.


Follow-ups and Treatment options for chest pain

Many doctors as immediate tests may recommend the following tests:

Many physicians also suggest Stress tests. These measures how your heart and blood vessels respond to exertion, which may indicate if your chest pain is heart-related. There are many kinds of stress tests. Coronary catheterization (angiogram) test helps doctors identify individual arteries to your heart that may be blocked or narrowed.

As treatment options, some of the suggested treatments are:

  • Blood Thinners
  • Artery relaxers Antidepressants
  • Thrombolytic drugs
  • Acid-suppressing medications

You should only get the above-mentioned treatment only after the advice of your doctor. We at HHCC have the best specialist so far for chest pain treatment in Jaipur. If you feel any sort of heart-related issues, call us or drop an email, we would love to assist you.