silent sign of a heart attack

What is the 4 silent sign of a heart attack?

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Heart problems are quite common these days, and this lets individuals approach cardiologists in Jaipur. But some individuals have no idea about the silent sign of a heart attack. It is not important that every time they will be some major sign appears before a heart attack. For bursting this curiosity bubble here, we are sharing a list of silent signs of a heart attack so that a person can pay attention to it immediately.

4 Major sign of heart attack:-

Discomfort in other parts of the body:

It is quite astonishing to note that during a Heart Attack, there will be effects on other parts of the body as well. A person will experience some pain and discomfort in the stomach, jaw, neck, back, and arms. Symptoms depend on the person, but back pain is quite common, and individuals usually explain that they are feeling back pain from a heart attack, and it feels like a rope is tied around them.

Chest pain, fullness, pressure, and discomfort:

Chest pain, pressure, fullness, and discomfort are very common with a heart attack. These are some of the most recognizable symptoms during a silent Heart Attack. An individual will feel mild pain or discomfort in the center of the chest. It might appear to be squeezing to them as well. These symptoms develop slowly but can become complicated as well. Make sure if something like this is happening for any person in your surroundings reporting about these problems, approach the doctor for heart attack treatment in Jaipur immediately.

Nausea and cold sweats:

If we talk about nausea and cold sweats, these are very common and known to be silent signs of heart attack as well. A person will wake up in a cold sweat and have a feeling of vomiting. These symptoms somewhere resemble symptoms of flu as well. But these are the sign of a silent heart attack. Don’t stress yourself unnecessarily if someone is reporting about these symptoms by saying that it is because of flu. Approach the cardiologist so that they can diagnose the condition and come up with the best possible medicine to cure it immediately.

Difficulty in breathing and dizziness:

Difficulty in breathing is also a sign of a silent heart attack. This is the condition where shortness of breath can occur with or without chest pain. This is the condition where lightheadedness may also take place, and a person could faint as well. Also, this is common for both males and females. Therefore if something like this is happening, approach the doctor immediately.

Apart from these four common signs, some other symptoms are also there, which a person must not ignore. These are as follows:

  • Stomach pain
  • Heartburn
  • Pain spread to the arms
  • Exhaustion
  • Snoring
  • Sweating
  • Cough that won’t quit
  • Swelling up across body parts
  • Irregular heartbeat

If there is any problem arising, just approach the cardiologist immediately because this is a matter of concern, and you cannot compromise with it at all. Make sure to tell everything to the doctor because after diagnosing the condition, they will come up with the best possible treatment for it. In some cases, the symptoms of silent Heart Attack are entirely different, and a doctor sometimes faces difficulty in diagnosing it. If the same is happening, be patient for a while and let the doctor do his job.

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