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Does your body warn you before a heart attack?

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In today’s lifestyle, we all are consuming unhealthy products directly or indirectly. This ranges from breathing polluted air to eating contaminated or junk food. Our living lifestyle directly impacts our body’s health. These things in sum results in poor performance of several body systems. These include organs mostly, heart, lungs, kidney, liver, brain and other major organs.

In the cardiovascular system of our body, the most prevalent disease is a heart attack. There was a time when a heart attack used to occur amongst the old age persons. But due to the lifestyle changes, it has become amongst the youngsters also.

So as a person of any age, is it possible that my body will show me the signs or will warn me before a heart attack occur?

Yes, it will. In this article, we have mentioned the signs and symptoms by which your body warns you before getting a heart attack. The symptoms are:

  1. Fatigue:

Tiredness or fatigue after exercise or physical activity is common. However, unexplained or unusual tiredness can be the reason for an upcoming heart attack. Extreme tiredness or exhaustion, for some days at a time, can be the symptom.

  1. Abdominal Pain:

An upset stomach, abdominal pains, nausea are also common symptoms. These symptoms are likely to occur in both women and men.

  1. Insomnia:

Unable to sleep at night, or improper sleep is also associated with a heart problem or heart attack. The decrease in oxygen levels due to changes in the heart causes restlessness which can trigger insomnia.

  1. Breath Shortness:

Dyspnoea is the most common symptom of heart problem. When the heart muscle doesn’t work properly, pressure can build up in the lungs which leads to breathlessness.

  1. Irregular heartbeat:

An increase in heart rate is common while the person is excited or nervous, but if it happens in normal situations then it may be a matter of concern. Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeats is the most common cause of heart attack.


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