Warning signs of a heart attack

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Pay attention to following warning signs of heart attack
Some heart attacks are sudden and intense while many attacks are silent. So it is wise to pay attention to these warning signs of a heart attack. And consult with a cardiologist before it gets late. The common warning signs are:

1.Discomfort in Chest Area: Most people experience discomfort in the chest region’s center of their body. These feelings are like squeezing, pain or fullness, uncomfortable pressure which last more than a few minutes. These feelings may go away and then return after some time.

2. Discomfort in the upper body: In this, people experience pain in one or both arms, jaw, stomach, back or neck region of the body.

3. Breathing Problems: This particular symptom of Heart Attack may vary from person to person like some experience shortness in breath with chest discomfort or some without it.

4. Other problems: These are the minor signs of a heart attack such as sweating, light-headedness or nausea.

Consult with Cardiologist near You
If you are looking, observing or experiencing above describe symptoms then don’t hesitate to consult with Cardiologist near you. Because this is the crucial stage for the patient and every minute counts for him. It is better for the patient if he gets the treatment as soon as possible. A cardiologist can save the life of the person affected by Heart Attack because they are trained to do this in their medical training.

If you are residing at the Jaipur city then please visit the Hridyam heart care clinic (HHCC). This clinic has all type of heart care test facilities such as:
1. Cardiac care consultation by Dr. Gaurav Singhal
3. TMT
4. ECG

Dr. Gaurav Singhal is an experienced cardiologist doctor providing the heart attack treatment in Jaipur city of Rajasthan.

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