How do I know if my chest pain is serious?

How do I know if my chest pain is serious?

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Chest pains of any sort can be terrifying. In the middle of the night if such ain occurs the fright is indeed nerve-racking. You may think you are having a heart attack. In such a situation one should immediately seek medical help without any delay.  Chest pains can lead to many severe issues like heart attacks. It’s at times that can cause even breathing problems where the person is unable to breathe properly and there is a strictness felt at the chest. Chest pains are never in one’s own hand and hence it cannot be controlled. However sometimes from severe gastritis too the pain can occur. However, it is not a serious thing as it subsides after some time. However, one should at all times know, when the chest pain is to be considered as a serious issue.


Stress and anxiety can be a prevalent reason that might lead to chest pain. The stress hormones produced by the body are constantly combatted by the body. This system can catalyze ongoing chest pain. So if you are in some kind of tension and face a chest pain be assured that it is due to the situational difficulties and not a sign of upcoming heart attack. Take this as a warning sign to reduce anxiety.

Angina pectoris:

For instance, after a heavy workout session you feel that uneasy chest pain. This can be an alarming sign. Chest pains may be a signal of clogged arteries. This can happen due to severe pressure temperatures as well. In case you feel the pain is clustered with the range of your breastbone then do not forget to ask your doctor to check for angina.


This reason for chest pains is indeed due to joints inflammation in your chest. The warning sign could be traced in case you cough or sneeze and the pain sensation ceases and doubles. The breastbone area will feel heavy and constricted. At times even taking a deep breath can be an extremely challenging task. Anti-inflammatory pain medication or warmth might alleviate this pain sensation. This problem usually goes away on its own. Ask your physician to check you.


Chest pains may also of a different kind of swelling that occurs at the edge of the lining of the heart.


Sometimes too much muscle strain can lead to chest pain as well. Heavy exercise or twists can be the root cause of this pain. Only when you touch the chest is when you can feel the pain. Although it is not as serious as the others, still it requires medical assistance.

Acid reflux:

This is probably the most common reason for chest pain. Acid reflux, or more conventionally known as heartburn gives rise to a burning pain sensation in the chest area. The pain is not a continuous one though.

So the next time you have chest pain try to locate the affected area or the duration.

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