Top 10 Heart Disease Myths

Top 10 Heart Disease Myths

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You know only a few things about your heart. We can easily be tricked due to some misconceptions which exist in our mind related to Heart Disease. For Eg: Heart Disease only occurs to the elders or the person who consumes more fried food. But the truth is it can affect any person irrespective of age or type of food consumed by the person.

It can be dangerous for you to rely on these misconceptions. But you can improve the chances to make your heart healthy by know these misconceptions. So without wasting time we know about some famous misconception which is related to your heart.

Myth: “I am quite young. Why should I think about heart disease.”

Fact: Your Lifestyle and eating habits directly relate to risk of cardiovascular disease in your life. If you follow an unhealthy lifestyle then you can effect by not only Heart Disease but also other diseases such as obesity, diabetes of type 2 which increase the chance of Heart Diseases

Myth: “I will get some signs such as high blood pressure if I am exhibiting any heart disease”

Fact: This is the most common misconception in the mind of people that they would start to take care of themselves when they see the caution sign shown by the body but a large number of cases have been seen where a patient has faced even death but no sign of High Blood Pressure is shown. So it is called Silent Killer. There are chances that no alert sign can be shown by your body so it is not wise to wait for them. High B.P is a very serious problem because if it is left untreated in the early stage, then it can cause serious heart problems like stroke, heart attack.

Myth: “If I will have a heart attack, I will realize it by symptoms like chest pain”

Fact: It is common to have chest pain or other symptoms shown like pain in one or both the arms, feeling lightheaded, shortness of breath during Heart Attack but it is not necessary.

Myth: “There would be no effect of diabetes on the heart disease if I am taking proper medicines.”

Fact: If you are Diabetic Patient then chances of developing cardiovascular disease increase. If you take proper medicine then it only delays the development or chances decrease but you are still under the risk of Cardiac Diseases because risk factors of Diabetes are of same as of cardiovascular disease which is smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, and high blood pressure.

Myth: “Heart Disease can be genetically transferred, so it can also affect me.”

Fact: It is true that if your family has heredity heart problem then your chance also increased but you can reduce it by taking precautions such as maintain Healthy Weight, Stop Smoking, Control Cholesterol, Maintain Healthy Diet, Maintain Blood Pressure, etc.

Myth: “I am not yet quite old to check my cholesterol levels”

Fact: It is wise to check cholesterol regularly every 5 years from the age of 20. If you have a family history of Heart Disease you can start checking your cholesterol earlier because children of these family can have high levels of Cholesterol which may lead to increased risk for developing Heart Disease. You can protect yourself by maintaining Healthy Diet and regular exercising.

Myth: “ If the heart stops beating it results in heart failure.”

Fact: If your Heart stops beating it occurs in cardiac arrest, not in Heart Failure. Heart failure occurs when it does not pump blood in the body as effectively as it can which can cause shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing, swelling in the ankles and feet.

Myth: “Having pain in the legs is probably because of getting mature and has no effects on my heart.”

Fact: Pain in the Leg felt in the muscles could be an indication of Peripheral Artery Disease which increases the risk of heart attack or stroke among the patient.

Myth: “Faster heartbeats is the sign of a heart attack.”

Fact: Heart rate has no relation with Heart Attack. It is the symbol of Arrhythmia which is the disease of irregular heartbeat. Most of the time it is harmless, but sometimes it requires treatment.

Myth: “Don’t do any exercise after a heart attack”

Fact: Research shows that person doing exercise with moderate intensity live longer than a person who doesn’t. Even various doctors suggest performing moderate exercise every week to improve Cardiovascular Health even after Heart Attack.

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