What happens during a heart attack?

What happens during a heart attack?

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While a person suffers from a heart attack, the flow of blood towards his heart gets blocked. It mostly happens because of coronary artery disease. After the treatment of a heart attack at the hospital, you can think the problem has been dealt with, but however, a heart attack is a symptom of the underlying heart diseases.

Coronary Artery Disease:

Generally, heart attacks are due to coronary artery disease or atherosclerosis. When the plaque or fatty substances in the blood vessels get accumulated in the arteries, it can block the flow of blood. The constant build-up makes the arteries narrower and stiffens over time.

The blood finds difficulty to reach the heart muscles which cause pain and discomfort, called angina.

As the piece of plaque cracks, it can result in a blood clot, and block the artery. The supply of blood to the heart gets blocked, which ultimately results in a heart attack.

Causes of Coronary Artery Disease:

Generally, while being young, coronary artery disease has smooth walls. But as you get older the inner walls of the coronary artery comes under the attack of substances like smoke from cigarettes, mechanical injury from high blood pressure, cholesterol from several intakes in diet, blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity, physical inactivity, and many other factors contribute to this.

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