What is a minor heart attack?

What is a minor heart attack?

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The doctors refer to NSTEMI or non-ST elevation myocardial infarction as a minor heart attack. In the minor heart attack, the flow of blood through one of the arteries gets temporarily blocked which limits the supply of oxygenated blood to the heart muscles.

As per the doctors, if you have suffered a minor heart attack then it means that your heart didn’t suffer as such damage and still pumps normally.

How to determine the type of heart attack?

It is not possible to determine the type of heart attack by just analyzing your symptoms or their severity. Hence, you must not ignore the possible heart attack symptoms.

However, how you perform after a heart attack depends on how you quickly you react. The sooner you get the medical care the less damage your heart will suffer.

Why consider even minor heart attacks seriously?

Even if your heart didn’t suffer much damage, a heart attack should be viewed as a warning sign. “You are at increased risk for another heart attack or a stroke. It’s time to get serious,” Dr. Gaurav Singhal says.

Your cardiologist will make a plan for preventing another heart attack. But it is you who need to be more concerned regarding it.

“It is most important to know that how you keep your heart and manage your risk factors of heart diseases going forward will impact what happens to you next,” Dr. Gaurav Singhal says. “We urge you to recognize a mild heart attack as an important event and use it to make changes that positively impact your health.”

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