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What physical activities are necessary to keep your Heart Healthy & Fit?

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150+ Fitness Schedule
Doctors suggest that you should at least indulge in Moderate Intense Workout more than 150 minutes per week. If you are indulging in a more intense workout than you can reduce it to 75 min per week. But it should be uniform throughout the week.

Be active
Every person should try to keep his/her body active because any kind of physical activity is better for your body rather than being idle. Even the light workout can prevent your body from some serious health issues.

Add Intensity
Our Human body is designed in such a way that it gets habitual to the routine very easily. So it is necessary to change the type of workout or add intensity of the workout in a short interval of time. This will lead to an increase in your heartbeat and more calorie burnout throughout the process.

Include Muscle
Your exercise schedule should be in such a way that it includes muscle-strengthening activity (like resistance or weight training) from moderate to high intensity at least twice a week.

Feel Better
Physical activities like Swimming, Running, Jogging and Weight Training prevents diseases like insomnia, chronic disease, depression and dementia, obesity and improves memory, balance, and cognitive ability. It is the most necessary things which we should do for our Health and Well-Being.


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