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The matters of the heart are not safe in India. No, not the romantic ones, but the actual organ. According to a study conducted by The International Congestive Heart Failure, India has the highest number of people dying due to heart failure. It is also known as congestive heart failure. The main reason suggested by the study as a cause of such alarming high death rate is the lack of medical attention. People from the low and middle-income classes in India ignore the heart issues as they cannot get good quality treatment at affordable rates. It results in many patients discounting the treatment over time. But, you cannot ignore the serious issue as it can result in severe complication. So, access the heart failure treatment in Jaipur to overcome the problem with ease.

What Is A Heart Failure?

The heart is the precious organ that pumps adequate blood for each organ in the body for proper functioning. Without getting the oxygen-rich blood, the body function gets disrupted. So, what is a heart failure? It happens when several symptoms combined together weakens the heart and causes difficulty in pumping blood. Some people may experience stiffening or hardening of the heart muscles resulting in reduced blood flow.

You can classify it into two major types:

Short-Term Or Acute Condition

The symptoms in the acute heart failure can occur after a heart attack, but it goes away quickly. It is also caused by the issues with the heart valves.

Ongoing Or Chronic Condition

You can experience the continuous symptoms with chronic heart failure. It does not improve on its own with passing time. In most cases, heart failure is chronic.

With India topping the charts with the most number of death due to heart failure, it is important to seek medical assistance from a competent team. So, heart failure treatment in Jaipur at HHCC can offer you a fresh lease of life as it alleviates the complications.

Signs Of A Heart Failure

You can now identify the signs of a heart failure swiftly and take necessary action to avoid complications. The handy tool developed by the Heart Failure Society of America is helpful for both medical professionals and common people alike. You just need to focus on the FACES, the acronym that sheds lights on the warning signs.

Fatigue (F)

It is the first and foremost sign of congestive heart failure as you feel exhausted and tired for no apparent reason. It is due to the fact that your hearts are unable to pump enough oxygen-rich blood to meet the energy requirements of the body.

Activity Limitation (A)

You may feel limitation in doing the normal chores as you can get easily tired. You may also experience shortness of breath.

Congestion (C)

The congestion in the lungs caused due to fluid build-up results in wheezing, breathing difficulty or severe coughing.

Edema (E)

Also known as ankle swelling, the fluid retention in the legs, ankle, abdomen, and thighs causes the problem. So, you may experience rapid weight gain. It happens when the heart does not pump the blood with force.

Shortness Of Breath (S)

The fluid retention in the lungs causes difficulty in obtaining the fresh blood rich in oxygen. So, it becomes difficult to breathe. You can experience the problem more while lying down as the gravity causes fluid to travel to the torso from the below.

Once you observe the warning signs, it is important to get good medical attention to alleviate the issue. You can opt for heart failure treatment in Jaipur as it will eliminate the problem for a happy life.

Heart Failure Symptoms

With the congestive heart failure, you may feel several issues. The most common heart failure symptoms are:

  • Experiencing shortness of breath with exertion or while lying down

  • Irregular or rapid heartbeat for no apparent reason

  • Swelling or fluid retention in legs, feet or ankles

  • Unable to perform strenuous tasks or exercise

  • A sudden feeling of exhaustion or tiredness

  • A persistent cough with pink or white phlegm

  • The tendency to urinate frequently especially at night

  • Abdomen Swelling

  • Lack of appetite

  • Decreased alertness of losing focus

  • Coughing foamy or pink mucus

  • Sudden or severe shortness of breath

  • Feeling nauseated

  • Rapid weight gain due to fluid retention

  • Chest Pain

Heart Failure Causes

You can experience heart failure due to many health conditions that result in the weakening of the heart.

Coronary Artery Disease

It is one of the main heart failure causes. It affects the arteries that cause the reduced blood flow to the heart. The narrow or blocked arteries result in the lack of oxygenated blood to the heart. So, it makes the heart starved of essential nutrients required for the proper functioning of the organ.

Heart Attack

A heart attack is another reason that can result in heart failure. The sudden blockage of the artery can lead to reduced blood flow to the heart. Therefore, it damages the organ leading to scarring and malfunctioning of the organ.

Drug/Alcohol Abuse

The alcohol or drug abuse can result in cardiomyopathy that can cause heart muscle damage. It is also caused due to infections or other issues with the artery.

Conditions Overworking The Heart

Some health condition can put excess pressure on the heart resulting in the malfunctioning or failure of the organ. Some of the common conditions are:

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Value Problems

  • Diabetes

  • Kidney Disease

  • Thyroid Problem

  • Heart Defects At Birth

The sophisticated heart failure treatment in Jaipur can identify the different conditions and suggest a treatment plan accordingly.

How To Prevent Heart Failure?

The next question arising in your mind is how to prevent heart failure. The key to avoiding the complications due to the problem is to reduce the risk factors. Eliminating or controlling the risk factors completely from our life is significant in maintaining heart health. The lifestyle changes are the most important step in maintaining the heart health. You can prevent the disease by:

  • Stop smoking

  • Controlling high blood pressure

  • Including physical activity in daily routine

  • Eating a healthy diet

  • Controlling Diabetes

  • Reducing or managing stress

  • Maintain healthy body weight

Heart failure is a serious, long-term condition that requires treatment at the right time to avoid complications. So, you need to get Heart Failure Treatment in Jaipur at Hridyam Heart care clinic to complicate the condition. If left untreated, the heart condition can turn fatal.


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