High blood pressure

What should we eat when BP is high?

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If you have been facing the problem of high blood pressure for a long time, you need to make certain changes in your daily diet. If you are not afraid of taking medications, you must consult the best heart specialist doctor in Jaipur. But if you want to get rid of this problem by eating healthy food only.

Eat a healthy diet

Here is a list of some food items that you must consider in your diet plan for sure to get rid of high BP:

Dairy products

It is important to monitor your diet plan for about a week to know whether you are taking the required dairy products or not. It includes milk, eggs, curd, cheese, etc. Focusing more on the intake of dairy products will reduce the problem of high blood pressure up to a great extent.

Boost potassium intake

As potassium lowers the side effects of sodium on blood pressure, visit your doctor to know more about the potassium level. Also start eating more fruits and vegetables as it increases the potassium level in the body.

Limit the amount of alcohol

Though alcohol is both good and bad for health, it can have more negative impacts on the body when taken in excess. Doctors always advise the intake of alcohol as a remedy or at a moderate level to lower blood pressure. Do not make it a habit. If you drink too much alcohol, it can destroy preventive effects.

Reduce sodium level in your diet

Even a small reduction in sodium level in daily dine can improve your overall heart health. Moreover, it reduces the problem of high blood pressure if you do not add salt much in your food. You can prefer herbs or spices over excess salt to make your food tastier.

Cut down caffeine

Caffeine raises the blood pressure to 10 mm Hg who do not consume it much. But for those who drink coffee on regular basis have little or no effect on their blood pressure. So you must consult your doctor before making caffeine a habit as it can have both positive and negative impacts on your heart health. If you are sensitive to blood pressure you must avoid intake of caffeinated beverages.

Other food items

Apart from this, citrus fruits have powerful blood pressure-reducing effects. So you can also consider grapefruit, oranges, lemons, etc. in your food items. Furthermore, salmon and other fatty fishes are a good source of omega 3 fats. It helps in reducing blood pressure levels by reducing oxylipins, so researchers advise the intake of omega 3 rich fatty fish as your daily diet.


There are various food items that you can add to your daily diet to stay away from medications. High BP is a common problem that can be treated easily. Just focus on what you are eating and avoid excessive intake of alcohol and smoking.